I am currently, and have long been, confused and flustered by an exact definition for art. It never gets any easier for me to say I am an artist. Four years of full-time education, discussion and immersion, as well as employment on the inside of varying art institutions has put me in a position to gain insight, but has not satisfied my lust for knowledge and understanding. My personal expectations are scattered and my mind awash with ideas, but if I am an artist, and everything I do has intention, is it my job? Does that mean I am always on the clock? Am I complicit with what I am critiquing, making art about art from the inside of the art community? Confusion and correlation are two themes of this series of photos, where art history references and inside jokes converge with my own opinions, those of my heroes, and my disdain for the state of the profit-driven world. In a time of fractured political and social life, the fluidity of what art can be is actually a calming force in my life. - Ethan Roads 2017